BREEF Gulfstream wine Charity

We share the love of the sea, the reef and the Gulfstream, and protecting these is important to us. 

We have linked with BREEF (Bahamas Reef Educational Environment Foundation) to help save the Bahamas Reef. BREEF are a non-government, not-for-profit organisation with a vision to have all people appreciate the value of our seas and take action to ensure a healthy marine environment.


BREEF focus on providing educational programs for youth to foster involvement in environmental stewardship, and being a leading public advocate for conservation matters. They focus on saving important sea life habitats such as the Grouper breeding grounds, the Queen Conch shells and local Lobster beds. They work with fishery bodies and local communities to create a sustainable future for the Bahamas reef.


Part of the proceeds of each bottle of Gulfstream sold are donated to BREEF to help ensure a healthy marine environment.

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